High Quality Tripod Stand For Mobile, Dslr & Ring Light – Height 3.5Ft


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Product Features:

  1. High Quality Product
  2. Multifunctional tripod stand
  3. Connect Mobile With Mobile Holder
  4. Load Capacity: 2Kg
  5. Product Weight: 420g
  6. Product Weight: Light
  7. Easy To Use Anywhere
  8. Moveable: Any Position
  9. Extended Length: 1250mm

Product Description:

  • Compatible with all kinds of digital cameras and camcorder weights below .2 kg.
  • 360° horizontal and 90° vertical swivel with 3-way head.
  • Solid safety 3 section aluminum legs with non-slip rubber feet.
  • Premium quality durable product.
  • Built-in bubble level, making your tripod perfectly leveled.
  • Easy to set up and store (just needs a few seconds).
  • Portable and flexible, ideal for outdoor, travel and timer shoots with grip for adjusting head position.

What’s in this box:

1 x Tripod Stand 3.ft | 1 x Tripod Bag | 1 x Mobile Holder

Additional information

Weight420 g
Dimensions8 × 8 × 36 cm


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