Revoflex Xtreme Multifunctional Workout Home Gym Fitness Machine – For Use 40+ Different Exercise


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Product Features:

  1. Premium Quality Product.
  2. Revoflex Xtreme Multifunctional Machine
  3. 40+ Different Exercises.
  4. 6 different training levels
  5. Develops your chest, back, arm, shoulders and abs in one movement.
  6. Shapes your body quickly and easily without effort.
  7. Adjustable tension of the power bands.
  8. Simple and easy to use.
  9. Reliable, durable and portable.
  10. Stylish Design.
  11. Material: Highest Grade Durable Plastic
  12. Machine Dimensions:  43 x 18.5 x 13 Cm
  13. Machine Weight: 1.1Kg
  14. Color: Green

Product Description:

The revoflex xtreme is the revolutionary exercise machine that has worked for hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. This versatile machine helps the individuals to re-shape their bodies, improve the circulation of blood and enhanced the fitness level in a natural way. You can use this easy to use apparatus at any time of the day regardless of the locality.

You can get numerous benefits with this one piece machine, because it is extremely flexible and the ideal machine for the total body workout. You will really feel the difference by doing exercise with the revoflex xtreme for just 5-10 minutes in a day. Moreover, all the results of this machine are 100% permanent.

The revoflex xtreme activates the number of muscle groups as the back muscles, abdominal muscles, glutes, thigh muscles, shoulder muscles and arm muscles. The tension of the power bands can be increased by the user for a more intense workout. This versatile machine offers 40+ exercises with 6 different training levels to tone your body muscles.

What’s in this box:

1 x Revoflex Xtreme Machine | 1 x Carry Bag | 1 x Workbook | 1 x Instruction Manual

Additional information

Weight1100 g
Dimensions43 × 18.5 × 13 cm


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